Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Have You Ever Felt Like This Before?

Have you ever felt like you were the odd one out? I certainly have. It can be hurtful at the time. What we must remember is: If someone doesn't welcome you into their world they have their reasons and chances are those reasons are because of them not you. I have opened myself up to the idea of connecting with  people from my past and at times it didn't work out. I am ok with that. I figure there is a reason they're not in my life. I am now trying to work on taking a positive from every experience I have had. When I say I am trying that means, I am just starting out. If I sit there and dwell on the negative, that can leave me in not such a great place. So while things have been said and done and I may feel jaded because of it.. instead of focusing on that.. I choose to focus on something good from that situation.

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