Thursday, September 2, 2010

Leaving The Past Behind

This can be a tough one but I do believe it is necessary. As I posted last night there are people who are no longer in my life. Do I wish they were? Maybe one or two. I maybe always curious to know how they are doing or what they are up to and that is ok. However, it is important to truly value who is in my life today. I am thankful for all my past experiences with certain people,  in the sense that they shaped me into who I am today. Though I have been through many painful experiences (Who hasn't?) they all have made me stronger. Recently, I was going through a pitty potty stage and thinking to myself.. I sometimes feel invisible. Well guess what? If that is the case then I need to get myself our there more. It's up to no one to make me feel less invisible or important in their lives. It is me who has to validate myself, no one else. I do love learning these things as it brings me closer to the person that I strive to be!

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