Friday, September 3, 2010

What Are Your Goals and Dreams?

This year started out really rough, but things are slowly getting better. I am so thankful for that. I can't believe it's September already. I wanted to jot down some goals for myself..These are in no certain order.

1. Keep our savings account growing.
2. Get a car.
3. Start my business. (In case anyone was wondering I am working on creating a safe, healthy cosmetic line.)
4. Have our friends and family wedding on that special date of 11/11/11.
5. Eat healthier.
6. Visit family more.
7. Remain out of debt.
8. Don't sweat the small things.
9. Network more.
10. Blog more.
11. Get reading group up and going.
12. Get out and visit more.
13. Exercise more.
14. Practice patience.
15. Think before you react.
16. Have more date nights.
17. When having a bad day remember something funny.
18. Laugh out loud.
19. Take more pictures.
20. Admire natures beauty.
21. Remember everyday how blessed I am.


  1. What a wonderful list and I am right there with you!!! Blessed I am too and we all must remember that!!!!!!!! We forget it way too much!! Beautiful blog! Check out my mine. :)

  2. Thank you Lisa, off to go check out your blog now. Have a great rest of the week.